Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The First


To begin I will post just a little bit about myself. I am an intelligent, energetic and goofy student, trying to find ways to pay for college (translation: I have put ads on my site – you can click anytime). I am majoring in French and, possibly, minoring in Creative Writing. I thought about being a lawyer, but I think I have decided to be a French teacher (which is why I can’t afford student loans) or a translator…or both. I have a twisted love for all things grammar, and I love, love, LOVE correcting papers for people!

I'm still deciding what direction I want to take this blog. One idea is to offer grammar tips to help readers write papers for school or to sound more professional by correctly commanding the English language in memos, etc. Any comments?

Of course I have to offer my services - if anyone has a paper they would like me to proofread...let me know! I actually have experience not only from correcting papers for my friends, but also from working as a copy editor for my school's online magazine.
I am also a very random person, so Disney, poetry, music, just about anything might end up here at some point in time.

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